Learn how the electrical system works on your RV 101

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The RV owner should know the difference between the 30 and the 50-amp RV service also the other 30 and 50-amp Services that are used in everyday applications but could be harmful to the RV. Most importantly everyone should know how to test a receptacle BEFORE plugging it in the first time!

If you would like to install a receptacle for your RV make sure you understand basic wiring. It is not that hard as long as you follow the rules.

Never work on electric panels without turning off the MAIN breaker. Even with the MAIN breaker turned off there is juice in the main service box on the two HOT feeds coming in from the street.

Click this link for an expanded explanation, a must read for every RV user: http://www.myrv.us/electric/

RV Wiring Diagrams



The videos below are the bare basics you must understand about electricity in your RV.
Here are some of the typical power usages and the amount of watts
A/C (3500 watts)
Microwave (1500 watts)
AM/FM Radio (200 watts)
Anchor Winch (1200 watts)
Broiler (1400 watts)
CB Radio (50 watts)
Heater (Radiant) (1300 watts)
Hot Plate (1250 watts)
Outdoor Lighting (750 watts)
Personal Computer (2000 watts)
Laptop charger (90 Watts)
Refrigerator/Freezer (800 watts)
Small Water Pump (1000 watts)
Television (300 watts)
Toaster (1700 watts)

More about this last video: http://www.timberman.com/ELECTRIC/electric.htm

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