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September 2014 Colorado

This far we are just in our early discovery time and don’t even have an RV yet. However last September 2014 we went to Colorado with our own car and had a heck of a good time.

We divided the trip to Snowmass CO in 3 parts and stayed in various hotels. It was a hassle every time to unload the car and packing up again. Also sleeping in different beds was not fun, to hard, to soft, to small and yes it exist to big. A continental breakfast in the morning will load you up with sugar for the day to come. Now you know where that is going right? We think having our own bed and our own cooking will keep us more happy every day. Just let alone the effort to find a hotel with a decent rating and a good price, good luck with that.

Snowmass itself was a real tourist place but it was in off season so ok to be there. The thing that got us real hard was the altitude. I’m in a excellent condition but this was real hard at 8000 feet I was breathing heavily and walking up hill was a challenge.

The color were great and we took some day trips. One was in Leadville CO where we went up on a train ride that took us up hill and cruised between the fall colors, just awesome.

More to come.


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