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This website is full of stories about traveling with a Class B RV and the challenges they encounter from cooking to dogs and using the internet and getting a shower, If you think about buying a class B go ahead and read everything you need to know.

rtetMike’s Story

“How’d you end up doing this?”

If I could have had a quarter for every time we’ve been asked that about our RV blog we could buy another motorhome.

Here’s how:

This Roadtreking RV blog is a dream come true for me. Decades in the making, but now being lived out like one giant movie, seen through the wide expanse of my motorhome’s windshield as North America rolls on by. We can stop anytime, explore anywhere.

And we do, sharing it with you on this blog, a weekly newsletter and a weekly podcast – the Roadtreking RV Podcast.

It’s all very much serendipity. Serendipity means  a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise,”   something fun and useful and enjoyable that was discovered by happenstance along the way. That’s a perfect description of what we find every day in this new wandering life in a motorhome.


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And this is how they sell them:

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