Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer Towing Tips

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Parked-in-UtahA great post from Ray:from their website

Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer Towing Tips

 I am very happy that after roughly 50,000 miles and over 4 years of fifth wheel trailer towing I have never damaged the trailer, had a blowout, ran out of fuel or been stuck.

I started out as a complete newbie, never having towed a thing in my life. The first thing I did was off to the nearest big open parking area and practice, practice, practice! The first few times out were, I have to admit, a little nerve wrecking but as I got more and more hours under my belt everything became easier.

Practice, practice, practice!

This has to be the all-time best tip you can get. You can read all the information you want but the only way to truly learn is by doing it over and over. It’s how you learned to drive your car, right?  Take some cones and mark out pretend scenarios like backing into a campsite, turning through some tight corners, etc.

Learn how your rig reacts and how long it takes the trailer to turn and how much extra room it takes. This is also a good time to get a feel for the braking.  Towing a trailer makes the stopping distance greater and the braking practice will give you a sense of how much distance is going to be a safe distance to stop.

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About Ray:

Hello, my name is Ray and I love my RV! Over four years ago my wife and I sold our home and bought a brand new fifth wheel trailer. We set off on an amazing one year journey traveling all around the US and Canada. About 3 months into the trip we knew this was the life for us. We loved the RV lifestyle and have continued it as full timers traveling south in the winters and retreating to the north for the summers.

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