Motorhome buying: gas or diesel?

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Looking into buying a motorhome? A major decision is the power plant: Gas or diesel–which is better? Ask this question at the RV campfire and the arguments will run like “Ford v Chevy.” We’ll try and break out a few pros and cons on each side of the issue, and leave the decision firmly in your lap.

Diesel: Diesel engines and motorhomes seem like a natural. Diesel fuel, although often a bit more costly than gasoline, does offer more miles per gallon than gas. Even if the fuel cost in the long run is a wash, engine longevity is a whole ‘nother matter. Diesel engines live longer than their “gasser” counterparts. To that end, the resale value of a diesel equipped coach is typically higher than that of a gas-fired motorhome.

On the road diesels have an advantage over gas in the torque department. Diesels deliver more “push” power at lower engine revolutions than gas, hence, they don’t have to work as hard as a gas engine. And at higher elevations, a diesel engine just has more “go” power than a gas engine.

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