Toy Hauler

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toy_haulterWhile the industry prefers to term this special kind of travel trailer as a “sport utility RV” or SURV, we’ll have to bow to the people: toy haulers they are. With living accommodations like conventional travel trailers, toy haulers put a wall up at the end of the living quarters and reserve the rear end of the trailer for carrying ATVs, motorcycles, sand rails and the like. It’s like having a mobile garage. The rear wall drops down to allow you to roll your toys in and out of the RV. We’ve seen folks who have turned their toy hauler into a “shop” for their business, working on the road in the garage area of their rig.

Toy haulers range anywhere from 19 to 39 feet, and prices start at just near $10,000 and top out above $170,000, depending on size and amenities. Those amenities can include slideouts. If you don’t mind sleeping in the “garage,” some units will sleep up to eight.

By taking the garage along with you, expect that you’ll have a trade off here and there. Toy haulers generally aren’t as plush and spacious in the living quarters as their conventional travel trailer cousins, but they’re a good pick for those who want to take their stuff with them.


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