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Pop Into a Pop-Up

pop_up_trailerConsidered by some to be an entry-level towable unit, the pop-up, or what the industry calls a folding camping trailer, is a lightweight and inexpensive tow-behind that many families enjoy. As you might think, a folding camping trailer folds up or down, giving it a very low profile in the wind. They are commonly equipped with canvas or nylon sides. It’s like sleeping in a tent — but up off the ground. Plenty of fresh air, with some added conveniences.

Those conveniences could include galley facilities like a stovetop, perhaps even running water. Expect a dining table, and of course, plenty of bed space for the family. Their light weight and low wind resistance make them an easy tow for many family cars, including some smaller ones. They range from eight to 24 feet, and in price from $5,000 to $22,000. Larger pop-ups can sleep up to eight.

Expandable Travel Trailers

Cross a conventional travel trailer with a pop-up and what do you get? A hard-sided trailer whose ends pop out to give more sleeping space in a soft-sided room. Lighter than their conventional cousins, they cost a bit less, too. Built small to be towed by mid-sized rigs like SUVs and larger six-cylinder engine cars, the expandable trailer fills a niche in the non-motorized RV marketplace.

You’ll find the amenities of travel trailers here: galley, bathroom, entertainment stuff, but a bit more room for sleeping folks overnight. Sized from 19 to 30 feet, these units run from $10,000 to $30,000. Numbers vary, but the larger units can sleep eight.

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