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At the Portable Generator Grader, you’ve found your home for the best unbiased portable generator reviews around.  My name is Ray Bolger.  No, not the actor, just a regular guy who likes to look before he leaps.  I’m the kind of guy who window shops before making important purchase decisions.  I want you to understand that to buy a portable generator, also known as an engine-generator or a gen set, IS an important decision.

The reason that I started this site is that I was searching for my first portable generator and spent weeks trying to find the right one.  I was preparing for the power outages that happen periodically where I live.  I figured that even when there was no power emergency, that it would prove valuable around the house.

Build in Generator


ONAN Handbook :Generator link

generator_rvOnan RV Generators are the world’s leading RV generator. RV manufacturers like Onan generators so well that they put them stock in all of their units that come with a generator. Onan generators are able to run on gas and also lp gas. Onan generators are quiet, giving you peace at night when you lay down so you don’t have to worry about the loud roaring noise while camping. The Onan Marquis Gold generator is the number one used camping generator across the nation. Most RV’s and campers come equipped with a generator cargo area, and Onan generators are the only style of generators compact enough to fit into the camper’s cargo space built for RV generators. We also have a list of different generator parts, allowing your Onan generator to be wireless.

Electric tutorial about the generator:

Onan Troubleshooting guide:

Family Motor Home (FMCA) magazine states the following:
2.5 kw generator can power a single 13,500 BTU a/c
3.5 kw generator can power a single 15,000 BTU a/c
4 kw generator can power two 11,000 BTU a/c’s
5 kw generator can power two 15,000 BTU a/c’s

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