5th Wheel

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5th_wheelFifth-Wheel Trailers

A favorite among those who take long vacations or even live full time in their RV, the fifth-wheel trailer is a specialized unit requiring a pickup truck or specialized fifth-wheel pulling unit. The name comes from the manner in which the RV attaches to the tow vehicle. A special fifth-wheel hitch resides in the bed of the pickup truck, attaching to the fifth wheel kingpin on the trailer. By design, the “fiver,” as some dub a fifth-wheel RV, is built with a raised section up forward, giving you, in a sense, two stories. Many manufacturers put a bedroom area in the upper section, while a few place the living room aloft.

Like conventional travel trailers, fifth-wheels come with all the modern conveniences, but often add-on in terms of more slideouts—up to four in some cases. Having panoramic views from huge windows is not uncommon either. Adding to the allure for folks who spend a lot of time in their RV is added “basement storage,” or outside accessible storage compartments. A lot of stuff can be stored in these spaces.

When thinking about a fifth-wheel, keep in mind that in addition to needing a pickup truck to tow the unit, some states may have special license requirements. Once a fifth-wheel is over a given weight range, you may need a special endorsement on your driver’s license, so check with your state’s motor vehicle department for more information. In any event, if you meet your own state’s licensing requirements, you should be good to go with your fifth-wheel in any state, regardless of any endorsement requirement.

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